Head: Sgt. Slaughter

Torso: Bazooka

Arms: Road Pig

Lower Half: Lightfoot

Gun: ?

Backpack: Viper Pit crew

Filename: Broxton, Russell D.
PMS: Mechanic
SMS: Heavy Artillery
Birthplace: Beaver City, Nebraska

Chewy gets his name from as you would guess, his appearance, what with his big shaggy mane and beard, his height, he's 6'7, his stoner persona, and he does a damn good Chewbacca imitation to boot.

Chewy does in fact have a drug problem that has got him suspended by Joe brass on several occasions. He's basically skating on this ice with his problems. The thing is he's one of the most genial, laid back guys you'd ever like to come upon, so no one wants to see him get the boot from Joe.

He loves to work on cars, trucks, big rigs, drink beer, occasionally drink moonshine, smoke weed, snort meth, and trip acid. Has even been reprimanded for being on acid while in combat.

Favorite movie: Slapshot

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