Head: Static Line

Arms: ?

Torso: Outback

Waist: ?

Legs: Taurus/Salvo

Backpack: Snow Serpent v9

Gun: Roadblock

DOB: 9-4-68
Hgt: 6-5
Wgt: 252

Balrog is a former heavyweight champion, who was eventually barred from boxing, still boxes to make money on the side. Balrog is often commissioned by Joe and Action Force.

Favorite movie: Action Jackson

Favorite food: Ribs

This figure was based on the Street Fighter figure which I like a lot more than the Joe figure, wish they had furthered this character some more.

Interesting tidbit: In the Joe figure's storyline he is commissioned by General Bison, but in the Street Fighter's figure's storyline he fights againsts Bison and his crew.

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