Head: Resolute Cobra Commander
Body: Revoltech #041 Patlabor Brocken
Lower arms: Revoltech #021 GR-2
Cannon: Major Maxim gun & T-100 base
Cape: 5-pack Cobra Commander
Shoulder cannon: Transformers Brawl

This is an incredibly easy and effective custom to make. Props to the poster Skelet0r who originally put CC's head on an Iron Monger body. I'd been meaning to make a S.N.A.K.E. armor of some sort and his Cobra Monger inspired this. Also Price of Fire and Thunder made a neat version of Brocken in his signature as well. You don't even need the GR-2 forearms if you just wanted to use Brocken's like he did. I swapped for the flat wrist surface that I could attach additional weaponry to.

"Cobra Commander's ego requires his presence to dominate the battlefield, but hiding out in a tank or in a command center just wasn't doing the trick. Commissioning Dr Wily to build him a massive armored suit was exactly what was needed. Nuclear powered fuel cells and state of the art robotic servos power his new Combat Armor. Now Cobra Commander fearlessly charges into battle, blowing away anything in his path and leaving a wake of destruction as he becomes a one man army!"

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