Masked head: MU Daredevil (modified)
Unmasked head: MU Silver Surfer (modified)
Torso, upper arms: 25A Destro (modified)
Lower arms: 25A Destro- IG version
Upper legs: 25A Roadblock
Lower legs: 25A Heavy Duty reactive armor


For a collector/reader who despised Devil's Due, I certainly have ended up making a lot of DD customs. I thought I wrapped them up a few figures back, but then I wanted to try making a Lillian figure. And if you're going to make Lillian, you might as well make Alexander, I figure...

The "need" to make Alexander also enabled me to pick up the TRU Daredevil/Iron Man/Silver Surfer set. I've been picking up all of the Iron Man MU figures, but had no use for the Daredevil or Silver Surfer figures. When it occurred to me to use their bald heads for the masked and unmasked Alexander heads, I didn't feel so bad buying the set for the Iron Man figure. It was also important to me to use heads that were distinct from the existing 25A Destro head.

This mostly borrows from the DD "Alexander pretending to be Destro" uniform with a few tweaks. The soap bar-sized ruby on Destro's chest always seemed absurd, so I didn't even try to replicate it.


The bright silver head seemed too proper for the more ruthless Alexander, so a grimier gunmetal gray has replaced the silver on the mask/uniform. I also didn't want the strap on the torso (painted red on Destro Sr.) to compete with the thick red bar on the center line of the costume, so I switched the strap and gun belt to gunmetal gray as well.

The masked eyes were a pain to paint. It doesn't help that the eyes on the Daredevil figure aren't level with each other. In fact, they're not even at angled the same. One is noticeably tilted compared with the other. I started with lime green eyes, like the comic used. That didn't work on this head. Then I added white centers to the green eyes, which only showed off how unleveled the eyes are to each other. Finally, I used black to cheat a bit, and painted where the eyes should be, and not really were they are. Black framed with white seemed to work the best.


The simple route would have been to paint the Silver Surfer head as the masked head, but that seemed too obvious. Plus, the head would scream "Silver Surfer!" and not really look like Destro Jr. Instead, I added ears and partially filled the enormous eye sockets on the SS head and used it for the unmasked Alexander head.

The Daredevil head as the Destro mask proved a bit more frustrating. After removing the horns, it looked acceptable... but I really wanted to give it that insanely over-sized jaw, brick-sized brow, and protruding chin as the mask appeared in the comic. At the same time, I also wanted to borrow from Destro's head (once metalized) in Rise of Cobra- not a perfect surface, but full of dents and scrapes and imperfections. The finished head here is 70% Devil's Due/30% ROC, achieved by sculpting, hot glue, and scraping.

The pimp collar was removed from the Destro torso and replaced with a sculpted more hood-like one as seen in the comic.

I added the zipper to the upper portion of the torso and also dremmelled out the edges for the red areas that flank the zipper.

The straps on the biceps are tightly-wound masking tape.

The pouches on the leg were added.

Thanks for looking.

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