Head; Annika LaRue SpyLounge figure (modified)
Torso; Spy Troops Zarana
Biceps; Night Force Gung-Ho (Valor vs. Venom)
Forearms; Spy Troops Grunt
Waist; Spy Troops Lady Jaye (RIP)
Quads; Spy Troops Cross Hair
Calves; Dollar Store figure
Weapons; Dragon's Weapons Lot

Okay, we've probably all heard about this new game on the way for Xbox 360 called "Wet." I've seen some of the trailers and through research, I've discovered that the protagonist's name is Rubi Malone. I've also heard that she's modeled after and voiced by Eliza Dushku. From what I've read about the game and compared to my own personal gaming experiences, she and the game are going to play similar to the Bloodrayne games. If you'll seen my posts, you already know that I have Bloodrayne on the site. So I couldn't help but to make her into a figure. I saw the commercial on TV and the first thing that went through my head is, "Damn! I have GOT to create HER!!! So, here she is. Enjoy, y'all.

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