Heads; Cross Hair, Valor vs. Venom Stalker, Rook, Dr. Mindbender, Spy Troops Shipwreck, Spy Troops Grunt, Valor vs. Venom Shipwreck, Switch Gears, Valor vs. Venom Tunnel Rat, Valor vs. Venom Ace, Hard Drive, Valor vs. Venom Dusty

Torsos; Valor vs. Venom Tele-Viper or Gung-Ho

Arms; Valor vs. Venom Tele-Viper or Cross Hair

Waists; Joe vs Cobra Snake-Eyes or Valor vs. Venom Gung-Ho

Legs; Valor vs. Venom Snake-Eyes or Valor vs. Venom Gung-Ho

Helmets; Valor vs. Venom Sand Viper

Weapons; Dragon's Weapons Lot

First things first, I loved the newer take on the Incredible Hulk movie. Ed Norton is MUCH better as the Hulk than Eric Bana will ever be!!! Unfortunately, I was ticked off when Hasbro (after taking their sweet time) finally decided to recycle those stockpiled G.I. Joe parts to make "The Hulkbuster Squad." I wasn't mad because of them doing it. I was mad because it took them a long time to do it, product availability was horrible, and when I finally did find them, they were only sold at Toys "R" Us! You all know that Geoffrey and friends overpriced their toys astronomically, so I got motivated and created my own "Hulkbuster Squad" from the parts listed above. I wanted to go close to the movie, then I said, "Shucks with that! Be original!" You may recognize some of the vehicles in the battle scene.

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