Head: Snake Eyes (ver 1 1982, painted)
Body: Flash (ver 1, 1982, painted)
Crotch: FIrefly (ver 1, 1984, painted)
Right arm: Cobra Commander (ver 3, 1987, painted)
Left arm: B.A.T. (ver 1, 1986 painted)
Upper thighs (both): Flash (ver 1, 1982, painted)
Lower legs (both): Crimson Guard Immortal (1991, painted)

I wanted to make a new Cobra De Aco figure using the swivel arm deal. He started out as such and was going to be an exact repo of the original. I then decided to make a figure of my own in the same style as the original and hence we have:

(translated from Portuguese, "Cobra Steel Electro Shock")

This is my 2nd custom and the first I truly painted (be kind please)

I mainly used Testors acrylic model paint, and for the chrome I used Krylon's spray paint

"The new Cobra De Arco is a cyborg who has the ability to shoot out electrical pulses with enough power to simulate a lighting strike. He is still feared by the Joes, and luckily for them only goes on mercenary missions when he is paid enough from Cobra (which is very rare)."

PS: Character getting hit by the pulse in the photo is from the Fisher Price Adventure People toy line

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