OK.. List of Parts

Torso, Upper arms, upper & lower Legs, stand, & Propeller: 7pack Wetsuit
Lower Arms: Cobra Flint
Knees: Viper
Backpack, Flashlight & Hoses: Vintage ARAH Wetsuit
Unmasked head: Star Wars comic Pack dude
Masked Head: Torpedo
Helmet: ROC Flash
Hands: Cobra Trooper
PTE Swim Fins

Who in their right mind would make another Wetsuit Custom?

OH... Hey wait... I DID!!

OK So... I've been waiting to do this because well I needed all the right parts.

This one takes the cake as far as the parts list goes. I don't think I've ever kit bashed like this before.

Anyway.. here is my take on one dude who has probably been done to death. I just wanted to show the use of the unmasked head, I thought he looked a lot like the Cartoon Wetsuit.

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