Head: Backblast

Arms: Zap v2

Torso: ?

Waist: ?

Legs: Croc Master

Gun: BBI

Bazooka: Bazooka

Filename: Menniger, Edward J.

Primary: Air Defense

Secondary: Signal Corps

Birthplace: New York, NY

As a whole I'm not too crazy with the concept of Backblast, but definitely like him for his parts. This is a vision of him I could work with, a version of him that could go into the jungle or the battlefield and look more appropriate for my taste, the Croc Master's legs add a little something.

I am also not too crazy with his storyline either, being from NY, for some reason I picture him being from Louisiana, don't know why, and perhaps that's also why I went with the Croc legs. The 'wanting to shoot planes out of the sky' because he grew up near a airport storyline from his filecard is funny though.

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