Head: Leatherneck

Arms: Cutter v2

Arm Pads: Captain Grid Iron

Torso: Cross Country v1

Lower Half: Skidmark

Gun: Roadblock: v2

Backpack: Spirit

Polly: 'Keet

Filename: Metzgar, Wendall A.

Primary: Infantry

Secondary: Drill Sgt.

Birthplace: Stromsburg, Nebraska

Worn weary vet, who's seen tons and tons of action in his day, put many a bullet in many a men. Loud, abrasive and impatient, not well liked, but well respected.

I wanted to do something with Leatherneck, I like him for the most part but something about his lower legs in particular always bothered me. I made this version of him, more of a jungle look to him, I thought it would be cool to make him sleeveless, and be more of a heavy gunner, and the cigarette and parrot are nice touches that fit perfectly with this character.

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