Head : Link
Helmet : Star Viper
Torso : Destro (sanded)
Upper Arms : Cobra COILS
Lower Arms : Ripper
Waist : Blank waist w/ Hollowed out T-Crotch Gung-Ho Belt
Thighs : Tunnel Rat
Lower Legs : Boots are Dusty, and the knee....I dont know?
Chest Holster : Chap Mie and random straps

After the beginning of the Cobra Civil War, Cobra was split and divided into several independent factions. One of them being the Shadow Guard fronted by Extensive Enterprises. They are now closely associated with the M.A.R.S. Corporation providing financial support and handling all legal complications for the company.

Big Boa is one of the meanest and toughest bodyguards known. He is a master in the art of Muay Tie, and is an expert in small arms and explosive devises. He is an extreme killer and takes pride in his work protecting the physical well being, as well as the interests of his employers, Tomax and Xamot. He has also provided some training to the psychotic Moons of MARS, Phobos and Deimos.

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