Head- Han Solo
Body-Crimson Guard
Legs- Destro

Tunic-synthetic leather and twist tie
Pistol- Destro
Rifle- SW weapon pack
Glasses- Lift Ticket
Flag and Stand- Jetpack Duke

Known only as the Visitors these strange humanlike aliens promised that they came in peace to share knowledge in exchange for needed chemicals for their survival, who would think that the chemicals were water and human meat? The friendly demeanor and human appearance hid the fact that they were reptilian aliens that had a craving for human.

I was watching the series on SyFy the other day and was like, hmmm? I can make that. The most difficult part of this custom was the weapons. The pistol was a Destro gun cut in half then spliced with a piece of a white lightsaber blade and scrap plastic, the same method was used on the rifle. Since the pistol was small, the darn thing kept getting glued to my fingers. I wanted to have two head for the figure, one human and one reptilian, but the closest head the resembled the alien is Bossk but is too large.

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