Head- Pathfinder 90
Torso- Dialtone 86
Arms- Gristle 93
Waist- Heavy Duty 93
Upper legs- Scrap Iron 84
Lower legs- Stalker 91
AKS-74U- Marauder Inc.
Cigarettes- Custom made

File Name- Ming Chow Lui
Alias- Tony Ming

The chain-smoking, bespectacled Ming was formerly a border guard in China's People's Armed Police force (PAP). Motivated by greed, he got his start collecting bribes from criminal organizations that dealt in human and arms trafficking, soon earning enough capital to begin organizing his own operations. COBRA took notice of his entrepreneurial endeavors and recruits him to coordinate their smuggling operations throughout Asia. From currency and media counterfeiting to hijacking freighter ships and convoys, his intimate knowledge of smuggling routes and tricks makes him a valued asset to COBRA. Smug and arrogant, Ming takes great pride in the gains from his ruthless and devious deeds.

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