Head- M.Bison 94
Arms- Flint 91
Torso, waist and legs- Cobra Commander 00
MP-7 submachine gun- Marauder Inc.

File Name- Belic, Antonije M.
Primary Military Specialty- Intelligence
Place Of Birth- Krajina, Croatia
Grade- 0-7 (Brigadier General)

During the Yugoslav Wars, the sadistic General Bedlam commanded a brigade in the Special Forces Corps in the newly formed Serbian Krajina Army while simultaneously commanding his own volunteer militia called Hodaje Sena or 'The Walking Shadows'. This group composed primarily of ex-Yugoslav Army soldiers, foreign mercenaries, and men from the Serbian criminal underworld and they earned a reputation for cruelty. After wars end, Bedlam is indicted by the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) at The Hague for multiple crimes and goes underground. Making use of his underworld connections, Bedlam joins COBRA. He rises up the ranks and is personally chosen by COBRA COMMANDER to be General of COBRA's infantry forces. A stern authoritarian whose tactical mind and nefarious ways has earned him respects and favor among COBRA's high command, not to mention fear from the troopers who serve under him.

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