Head: Crankcase

Arms: Cutter v2

Chest: BBI ?

Lower Half: Bazooka

Gun: Spirit

Filename: Simmons, Gus E.

Specialty: Mechanics

Secondary: Munitions

Birthplace: High Desert, California

Ol' Lugnut is a gear head supreme. He spends most of his time tooling around the 'shed' with Chewy and other grease monkeys like Clutch, reworking engines, 'suppin', customizing, making sure Joe's vehicles are good to go.

He loves taking the old buggies out to the High Deserts of California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah and do some dune bugging, and often competes at Baja.

Has a penchant for cigars and whiskey.

"It's funny, the guy's as pale as a sheet in the winter, but come the summer he turns red as a lobster from being under that sun working on cars. Dude's a trip." - Clutch

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