Head: Dr. Mindbender

Arms: Thunder

Torso: ?

Waist: Dialtone

Legs: Dr. Mindbender

Backpack: Televiper

Gun: BBI/Alpine

Of all the Cobra heads, who do you suppose has ingratiated himself into the Nazi realm what with the Cobras and Nazis forming their unholy alliance?

Well if you answered Dr. Mindbender you would be correct, even with Cobra Commander's fascination with Hitler he is still a bit leary to completely envelop himself into the Nazi cocoon of terror. Not Dr. Mindbender though, he revels in it.

I think the concept of Dr. Mindbender is cool, but his look did not jibe with me, the whole shirtless look seemed ridiculous to me for his character. This is a cool Nazi version of him.

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