Head, Torso, Upper Arms, Waist, Upper Legs, Lower Legs: IJ Mutt William(W/Jacket)
Lower Arms Part Up: 25th Flint
Lower Arms Part Down: IJ Mutt Williams(WO/Jacket)
Feet: ROC Storm Shadow

I got the 'Transformers Human Alliance' Bumblebee and Sam, but it doesn't go along with my 3 3/4 collection. So slowly I managed to turn Mutt Williams into Sam Witwicky.
This figure can go along with the Ultimate Bumblebee, wish is almost in scale with the 3 3/4 figures.

Not much paint here, only in shirt, arms and shoes. Mostly is exchanging parts and putting them together.

I have to say, that even if I am not much of a Transformer fan, I am pleased with the results.

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