Head: Duke

Arms: Rampart

Torso: Airborne

Waist: ?

Legs: Gung Ho

Gun: Slaughter's Mauraders

Backpack: Gung Ho

Binoculars: Duke

Filename: Echeveria, Louis G.

Primary: Mountaineering

Secondary: Hand to Hand

Birthplace: Kansas City, Kansas

Uncle Lou was actually born here in the states, Kansas City. His father was an Argentinian diplomat, his mom a US citizen. They moved to Argentina shortly after Uncle Lou's birth.

Magnanomous and popular, got his handle for his overall genial personality.

"He's like that cool uncle to everyone"- Topson

I actually finished him and when I looked at the pics, I was like, 'damn if he doesn't look like Uncle Lou', this old Uncle of mine, who was a cool guy.

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