Head-25th Zartan with VvV Dusty helmet part
Chest-25th Ripper and DTC Major Bludd
Arms-25th Duke (upper), Ripper (lower), hands (unknown)
Waist- 25th Hawk and Obi-Wan sash belt, backwards.
Legs-Razor Claw

Bow-handmade from thin balsa wood, masking tape and sinew.
Quiver- masking tape and 25th Duke harness
Arrows- Chap Mei arrows reversed
Whip- Indiana Jones
Rapier- Mutt Williams
Scabbard- Masking tape
dagger- Cobra soldier
sheath- masking tape
gear bag- Snake-eyes satchel

Created using left over parts. While working on this figure I realized how much it resembled a D&D character that I created. I used parts that gave the figure numerous pockets to carry a variety of equipment. The fun part of this custom was making the bow. How do you make your own?

Step one-
get piece of balsa wood 14.5 cm x 0.5 cm x 1/10th cm

Step two-
draw the basic shape of the bow on the wood stick. Thin at the ends, wide nearing the middle and tapered in the center. Do not worry about being perfect.

Step three-
use sand disc on dremel and shape and remove, work slowly and patiently. Round out the edges but use a light touch. Since old bow were hand-made, a little roughness is okay.

Step four-
soak the stick in water. Let it stay in for a few hours. Occasionally check the stick. You should be able to bend the stick with slight pressure, if not place it back in the water. When the stick soaked up enough water it will be slightly flexible.

Step five-
Place a strip of masking tape (lengthwise) to the wood. Next tape it to a spray paint can, wrapping around the can. use as much tape to hold it down. Let dry, two to three hours or over night.

Step six-
remove the tape and wood, the wood will have retained the curved shape from the can. Lightly sand of and rough spots. Using masking tape, cut one long thin strip about 1/8th of an inch or less. Wrap the tape around the middle section to create a leather handle wrap. Next paint the wrap and bow if you want.

Step seven-
when dry give the bow a coat of superglue to seal the wood and protect the wrap.

Step eight-
Cut a piece of sinew (artificial works) about 4 inches long. Tie to one end of the bow and add a little superglue. On the other end file a small notch on the bow end. Loop the sinew around this notch and tie tight. Do not cut off the extra yet, wrap it around the sinew going the other direction back to the first knot. Tie it off and coat with superglue.

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