Helmet - TRU ROC Desert Pack
Head - Ace
Torso/Lower Legs - 25th Flash
Arms - Cobra Trooper
Hands/Belt/Upper Legs - 25TH Snake Eyes
Grendaes on Chest - 25th V3 Snake Eyes
Pistol - Pilot Destro
Sub Machine Gun and Chest Pouches - Random Fodder

Another in my series of customs recreating the ARAH new recruits released between 1998 and 2002. After the main line ended with neon spacemen, the figures released in two packs at the turn of the century were a breath of fresh air, a return to more realistic looking characters. I debated for a while about making this version of Sure Fire or the later green and brown one. I decided to go with the more unique blue and black color scheme. He's been done for almost a year. I recently swapped the helmet I'd given him for this new ROC piece.

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