Mask: cast from original Darklon
Head, Torso, Arms: 25th CP Destro
Legs, Feet, Holster & Pistol: 25th HISS Tank Driver
Backpack, Ammo Belt: 25th Roadblock
Mini-Gun: Marauder's
Knife: 25th V3 Snake Eyes
Sheath: 25th V1 Snake Eyes

I got Darklon when he first came out, with the Evader, I was filling out my Iron Grenadier ranks with my allowance. I remember thinking: is this guy color blind? Being from Destro's family, I guess he came by his penchant for poor clothing choices honestly. Really, the black mask was awesome, but the green shirt and red pants with gold accents was a total fail. On top of it all, his body sculpt was pretty scrawny.
At least for this update I could give him the stature to defend his lack of fashion sense. Also, his gun was a rifle with a roman candle at the end of it? The mini-gun looks much better, and now he can mow down whoever laughs at his ridiculous uniform.

As a side note, in my opinion, the ROC Cobra Commander owes a lot of his helmet design to our friend, Destro's cousin. Might make for another interesting custom.....

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