From head to toe...
Head and helmet: RoC Law
Torso: Dusty upper/Desert Ambush Duke lower
Arms: RoC Hawk right/RoC Law and RoC Hawk left
Legs: RoC Grunt
Vest: RoC Pit Commando

Working in the modern era 25th Anniversary styling my aim is to create those that Hasbro has not given us or may not give us in a proper classic styling to fill the gaps in my collection so I can once again enjoy the Joes I had as a kid in the 1980s.

Law with Order was possibly one of my favorite Joes so I was both excited and upset to hear we were getting them in a modern movie related 5-pack. A little effort however was all it took to go from the desert camo faceless Law they gave us to one more reminiscent of our childhood.

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