From head to toe...
Head: Trigate Creations Ultimate Hawkeye
Torso: RoC TRU FireFly
Arms: RoC TRU FireFly
Legs: RoC TRU FireFly uppers/Shockblast lowers
Feet: Resolute Duke
Accessories: Bandolier - Snake-Eyes, Knife - unknown DTC figure, Rifle - Paris Pursuit Snake-Eyes, Belt - Range Viper

Working in the modern era 25th Anniversary styling this is an exploration of a character that came after my time and that I knew little about, but saw much promise for a modern work-up.

Finished as a contest entry, this was another custom that I had planned over the course of months either collecting parts or pushing him farther and farther away from completion. I had even scrapped the whole idea at one point until the opportunity presented itself to complete the custom as I saw fit and I went in a very modern direction eliminating the odd jumpsuit the character wore in his one previous action figure appearance.

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