-2010 Ripcord dessert battle
-25th lampreys
-pint wear
-cobra small missiles
-elastic and velcro bands

I made this custom, because I really like the centurions cartoon, and it was very similar than th ejoe cartoon, so I thought I should do a crossover version on 25th kind.

I started the job cutting the harness and then proceeded to agree elastic arnnes for get a excellent motion for the figure, then i agree velcro bands to the vest part for make it remoble. then i paint all of the body and the parts. , then I did the second paint part, the dirty effects to all of the body including the jetpack and weapons.

The other hard job was to custom the machine gun for the jetpack. my objetive was make a figure similar than centurions but whit some kind of realistic equipment.

The last step was cover the figure with a flat clear finish.

As a result of the job, I have a nice figure for my collection with great range of motion. Thanks for looking. Enjoy!!

Other two Centurions Reactive Team, comming soon!!!

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