Head: Countdown 89
Troso: Stretcher 90
Arms: Airborne 83
Waist: Stretcher 90
Legs: Mutt 84

Gun: Crimson Guard 85
Knife: Viper 02
Backpack: Hawk 86
Helmet: Airborne 83

I was looking at a countdown figure i got for $1.00 in an antique store yesterday and I thought to myself..."that kinda looks like an older version of Airborne". I paint the collar in that light blue kinda as my homage to the original figure. I want this one to be in the same type of color scheme. I purposefully left that little peg on the upper left shoulder strap becuase I had an idea of using it for a spot to hook up a oxygen mask. I will have to see what I can do with it when I get an extra mask to play around with.

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