Head: 89' Annihilator. Chest and arms: CORPS. Thighs: 91' Sci-Fi. Waist: Unknown. Feet: 89' Backblast.

File Name: Various
Primary Military Specialty: Security
Secondary Military Specialty: Special Heavy X-Weapons Operators
Birthplace: Various
Other: Minimum S-4 Security Clearance

Like their counterparts, the Mongrels, these guys are nasty. They are the hated among the hated. They operate independently of other Cobra service personnel, are housed in separate bunkers, and have no personal dealings with anyone outside, which only makes them more objective and impersonal and adds to their mystique. They are well-trained, covered in thick body armor, and armed to the teeth. Their state of the art assault rifle, which features, as a primary installment, a high frequency pulse weapon, is fitted with a modulator device that can be adjusted to regulate power output. It can serve as a stun weapon, capable of instantly incapacitating an assailant, or as a high powered SSP (Selective-Substance Penetrator) kill weapon, both of which operate efficiently off of a compact, interchangeable power cell. The rifle can also be modified to accept a host of other implements, including grenade and rocket launchers, and conventional rifle attachments. And as if that is not enough, each of the A.S.P.S. are armed with the "Breacher" SLRS (Single Launch Rocket System), which helps them gain entry through sealed bulkheads and into well-fortified positions.

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