Masked head = Cobra Diver (modified)
Unmasked head = Star Wars Sigel Dare (modified)
Torso + legs (up until below the knee) = ROC Baroness
Arms + lower legs (below the knee) = Indiana Jones Marion Ravenwood
Feet = Sigel Dare

Black belt sash = comic pack Storm Shadow + sash from ninja viper
Unmasked Hood = Pilot Destro
back pack = modded from RIA Scarlett + ninja viper backpack
Naginata = comic pack Storm Shadow

for Jinx I wanted to avoid the the whole modern/reactive armor look that most Jinx customs were going for..I wanted a straight up classic Jinx, although it may look a little dated/cheesy, it has some character and classic Jinx

Like many of you I thought the Marion Ravenwood figure would make a pretty good Jinx. The arms weren't

a problem, it was the legs w/c sported a t-crotch and no knee articulation. Anyway I figured the only real important part was the bottom part so I just put 2 & 2 together lopped off the lower legs and attached them to Baroness' legs...add a little epoxy putty to smoothen off the connection and 2 problems solved.

The black trimmings are just bits and pieces of black plastic that I shaved off and glued from various discarded webbing odds and ends. However the black trimmings of the ankles are those little black "caps" that are atteched to the end of the lower body pegs that keep the chest swivel tight.

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