Head - comic pack Hawk + ROC Shipwreck
Torso - ROC Breaker
Arms - comic pack Hawk
Hands - ROC Flash
Legs+goggles - comic pack Firefly
Vest - Roadblock (heavily modified)

Everyone's gotta have a Lowlight....including me I put off making this guy for quite some time because I was waiting for the perfect head to use. I was waiting to get my hands on either an Icestrom or Sandstorm head...but the more I saw pics of them the more I was convinced that they weren't QUITE right....anyway on a whim I decided to try chopping off ROC Shipwreck's hat and adding it to a comic pack general hawk head (the scowl seemed ideal for Lowlight) and everything seemed to just fall into place...perfectly.

I'm also particularly proud of the vest, originally Roadblocks, I literally cut off the shoulders and switched them around to properly match the original figure (red shoulder pad on the RIGHT shoulder) again I was surprised at how well it worked out. This has got to be one of my favorite customs...its a shame Hasbro has YET to make this guy.

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