Head - Tri Gate Creations
Arms/ Legs - RoC RIA Heavy Duty
The rest - RoC Destro

Ashdown was a career soldier, fighting for the defense of the United States of America, and was an veteran commander who was affectionately known to his men as "Old Ironsides". Ashdown, in time, ascended to become a 4-Star General based at the Pentagon, and became one of the U.S. military's highest-ranking generals. Unlike some others, Ashdown was among the majority of the military and government leadership who believed the Skynet initiative - to give a military artificial intelligence complete oversight of U.S. defense operations, was truly the future of the U.S. military. After Skynet became active and the onslaught of the Terminators, The Resistance was born, and Ashdown was narrowly appointed commander.

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