Head: Build & Brawl Bobby Lashley
Upper and Lower Torso: Reactive Armor Duke
Arms and feet: Paris Pursuit Snake Eyes
Upper and Lower Legs: ROC Cobra Commander
Shades: ROC Baroness
Coat, Gun, Boomerang: MU Blade

The Blade figure was ok, but the accessories were AWESOME! Specially for a GI Joe!
So, after the ROC movie, I mixed up some parts, and I ended up with this version.
He is a mix of the movie, with the comic, plus the actual MU figure.

The glasses were modified. Made the holders longer so it would hold into the figure.
They can be removed and back on, no problem! Used a blower to mold it.

The rest of the figure was painting, then added the Blade's accessories...

AND DONE!!! Instant 'DayWalker'!

I am VERY pleased with the results!

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