Head = Hard Master (modified)
Torso + upper legs = ROC Cobra Commander
Arms = Star Wars Ganner Krieg
Lower legs + "skirt" armor = Serpentor

Helmet = MARS officer (modified)
Additional armor (shoulder pads, chest plate & crotch pad) = Ganner Krieg
Bow, Sword + belt = Hard Master sword + comic pack Duke bandolier
back pack = Lady jaye backpack + Ninja Viper
Naginata = Marion Ravenwood sword glued on a plastic pole

Originally, I wanted to update Budo's look...I mean you can justify a ninja sorta creeping up and doing his business in a modern warfare era...but a fully armored samurai? not so much....however, when I was making this guy, I just kept getting more excited as ideas kept flowing in..the armor kept piling on and next thing I knew it, I had a fully armed classic Budo as well! Well I think it turned out good, especially next to Jinx. I guess you could call this his ceremonial attire (sorta line a marine's dress blues). Maybe down the line I'll make a more modern version of the guy..but for now, I'm happy with this Budo.

I was waiting for the perfect torso to use and I figured the ROC's metallic robotic body if painted brown could sort of pass for intricate armor. The chest plate was a last minute addition w/c is actually composed of Ganner Krieg's back armor plus his crotch guard glued on below.

Now the helmet was another obstacle. On my Footloose custom, I learned that masking tape when applied properly and painted would serve as a viable solution to some custom problems (i used it to make the leaves on his helmet). Anyway, I figured that the MARS trooper/officer helmet would provide a good base. alloescort.ch

And then I just went crazy with the masking tape. Everything there is just masking tape (although the horns are cut out from some sturdy construction paper...wrapped up in masking tape) Oh and the round jewel was cut out from som indiana jones artifact that came with Marion Ravenwood.

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