Head-General figure from Jurassic Park
Body-5 pack Shipwreck (with lots of trimming)
lower legs-Outback
lower arms-shipwreck
hands-Gen Hawk

GI Joe has an amazing ability to have some characters that are so over the top and yet appealing. Chuckles is one of those characters. Definitely pulling on the Magnum P.I./Miami Vice vibe of the 80's, Chuckles sports an amazing Hawaiian shirt.

I liked the attempt that was Chuckles in the 7 pack but he seemed too tiny. I always wanted to use The General head from Jurassic Park but could never quite find the right body for it. When the Shipwreck body came out I thought it was great but needed to be slimmed down a bit.

I dremmeled it to the point that I had to resculpt a few areas due to holes. I also had to slim down his face so that his jawline meshed better with his neck.

All in all I'm pretty happy with him, although I may change the holster at some point.

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