Head: ROC Zartan (modified)
Neck: MU Silver Surfer (modified)
Upper body and arms: Titan AE Preen (modified)
Hands: MU Daredevil (modified)
Lower body and legs: 25A Roadblock (modified at waist)
Bandolier: 25A Snake-Eyes from Pyramid of Darkness set
Gunbelt: Star Wars Baron Fel


I picked up the Titan AE figure "Preen" (or was it Preed? who knows) 9 or so years ago, thinking that it might be the good start of a Big Lob figure. The slender torso and lanky arms looked like those of basketball player. A nice change from the usual football player or baseball player body types normally used in toys. Then I did nothing with it.

This figure ties with my Red Scream figure for having parts from four toys lines. In this case: GI Joe, Marvel Universe, Star Wars, and Titan AE.

When the images of the Master Collector "Hey, we tried" Big Lob were released, I was very disappointed. Not that I like the character, but if you're going to do something, at least try to do it right. I knew I could do something that looked better than MC's cobbled-together lump so I got to it.

The jawline/mouth of the ROC Zartan figure made the best choice for a Big Lob head. The head sits on a MU Silver Surfer neck. The arms/upper body are from Preen. The waist/legs are from 25A Roadblock- they were the tallest/lankiest I could find.

Colors & paint:

Red shirt, green pants. Nothing fancy. The shirt wasn't wide enough at the shoulder tops to add the white trim, so I left it out. The hair is black with a coat of "sequin black" on top of it. It mimics real hair better than just adding a gloss coat. Another trick when converting cartoon characters into figures compatible with the existing ones is to make the paint more complex. The flesh tone, for example, is slightly uneven in some areas, as are the boots.

I wasn't sure how to approach the "14" on the shirt. Stencils? Cut-out? Ultimately, I just hand-painted it and it's passable. Could be better, could be worse.


Lots of work on this one. My biggest project to date. The hair is sculpted from hot glue, aiming for a more rounded/wavy look than the harsh triangle shape seen in the cartoon. The lower shirt area was too thin to match up with the waist, so it was thickened with epoxy. The massive Preen hands were chopped off and replaced with better matching MU Daredevil hands. Once the hands were in place, I sculpted glove sleeves to hide the articulation point. The arms, though almost perfect, were sculpted with groove/indentations near the elbows. Instead of trying to fill the grooves, I added straps above and below them and painted the elbows as if they were covered with elbow guards.

Thanks for looking.

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