Head: SW Padme plus Helix hair modded
Upper Torso: TGC
Lower Torso: SW Darth Talon
Upper Arms: SW Darth Talon
Elbow: to add articulation to DT arms:???
Gauntlets: SW Darth Talon
Legs: Helix
Sword: TGC
Cloak: SW Major Panno
Belt: Star Trek, modded

There are things I know about her as fact, things I know only as rumor or suspicion, and then there are the things I know from what I have seen, even while my mind says those things can't possibly be real. I will never post this journal in any formal capacity, for I fear that if the truth were known, Hellfire might be expelled from the program, or perhaps worse yet, recruited to play some devious role in the arcane plans of EXCAL's own mystics division. I have investigated her for my own part. Those who have been willing to talk say she was born illegitimately in the Vatican, fathered by a man of the cloth, and of a rank so high, I do not even want to know who it might be. She was secreted off to be raised by those who had no choice but to keep the secret of her origin intact - a sect of the Catholic Church known by few, because those who live within the monastery walls are sworn to an oath of silence. Being raised that way must have really taken a toll on her psyche as a child, for she rebelled against the order early and often. Far from being "holy" she was banished from the order and the community in her early teens, and it was suspected that she had been dubbed a devil child, or at least had been accused of practicing witchcraft.

Where she learned to fight remains a mystery to me. I know she spent some time on the EXCAL security detail before applying for the program, but she can't have learned her skills in that capacity. She wields her broadsword with an almost magical intensity and with such force, yet ease, as to make me doubt whether I should want to face that blade in anger for my own part. She has shown superior skill with the use of every firearm I have tested her on to date as well. We only completed one mission prior to landing, and I am eager to see her skills on display yet again. I have the feeling her apprenticeship has much less to do with me teaching her how to fight, and much more with me learning who the hell she really is.

Her fighting aside, it is her other traits that have me shaken. Already I have seen her lay hands, with the power of touch which was believed to be possessed by many of the Paladins of old. I have seen her heal those with minor injuries before my very eyes, and she can boost and empower those with more severe injuries, to get them through until medical care arrives. More troubling, however, is her ability to lay hands in other ways. I have seen her injure by use of her touch, and she may resort to more subtle tactics such as draining the energy, feeding off it, if you will, of those around her. Don't get me wrong, she's no vampire. But she has skills and traits which, left unharnessed, could be very dangerous to us all, at least until her true motives are revealed. One thing I saw her do which I am convinced (for my own sanity at least) was a parlor trick was to manipulate flame in a way that I can't quite explain.

Hellfire talks very little, but when she does, it is with a soft, clear and charming voice. She has a keen intellect, and has demonstrated a seemingly genuine respect for my authority and for the purpose of the program. I question the veracity of these traits only because of the history I have learned, if at all. I am giving her the benefit of the doubt, however, that her unique skills were such that those who raised her simply could not abide by them, and that the reason for her prior expulsion had nothing to do with any actual evil intent.
Appearance-wise she is striking. Standing nearly six feet tall, at least in her boots, she is lean, agile and strong. She is of remarkable beauty, highlighted all the further by her stark white hair, a trait she was seemingly born with. Her beauty is most apparent in her periods of meditation, something she does often, most usually done with eyes ablaze and staring down the hilt of her blade. It is during her meditations that she surprisingly speaks the most. It seems she has visions. Maybe she channels those from beyond (had she told me her name was Joan of Arc, I might not disbelieve her). She recently told me something that has left me disturbed in a way I cannot shake. While passing, her arm lashed out to grab mine. I felt my head spin. She told me she has seen the gate to the other side. She said she knew I had seen it too. I pretended not to understand. But privately I have wondered, how does she know the imagery from my dreams? I must break from this, and get my thoughts in order.

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