Head, Torso, Waist - 25th A Chuckles
Forearms, Legs - Comic 2 Pack Shipwreck
Shoulder Harness, ROC Hawk
MP5 - Bravo Team
Revolver (sidearm) - Marauders

Any fan of the recent IDW comic series has to give proper credit to Chuckles, who has gone from a semi-comical character to a central, dark, edgy part of the Joe Universe. When the Assault 7 pack came out, I knew immediately that Chuckles needed a face lift, but I didn't want to get too far away from the original design. I found Shipwreck's body to be ideal for parts. I envisioned Chuckles wearing dungarees as opposed to the green military pants he's sporting, which I think look ridiculous with the shirt. The revolver harness had to go, as it was awful, and I painted his hair yellow, as the figure's hair is basically just a skin tone. Gave him a .44 Magnum and an MP5 and he was good to go.

This was my first custom. I am obviously not an artist. Having said that, if I can do a better job with Chuckles than can Hasbro, it makes me wonder why such is the case. Thanks for looking!

I was still learning about paints when I did this guy, so my next Chuckles will be a lot less shiny!

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