head - some Star Wars dude...i think he was a cloud city soldier? modified with some putty sculpt
torso - Roadblock
webbing - Duke

I've always wanted Big Lob figure ever since they introduced him in the movie. I always figured that for some reason they decided that the concept of Hardball was't too exciting so they changed his character into Big Lob for the movie. Anyway his design wasn't too particularly hard to make a custom as save for 2 things. First was his jersey....one would need a very skilled and steady hand to paint that damn "14" on his chest...something I don't really have. Anyway there was no real way around it except to just do my best...yes it looks amateurish...but at least his webbing covers up most of it. The second was his head....he had a very distinguished head sculpt, particularly his hair. My first attempt was to place some sculpting putty on an extra Tatum Duke head (I have a lot of those lying around) and just paint him black. Unfortunately he basically looked like a black Channing Tatum with an afro...fail! Anyway I finally got a better suited head from some Star Wars figure I found in a flea market for cheap so it worked out perfectly again....well at least now he doesn't look like Tatum ha ha.

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