head & lower legs - Resolute Duke (from Resolute 5 pack)
upper legs - ROC 5 pack Repeater
torso & arms - Firefly
gear - Original figure

Never had the original figure or followed the DIC cartoon, but he was one of the more memorable ones from the few episodes I did manage to catch. Anyway, since he had tons of gear I figured it would be more practical to just buy the entire original figure off ebay. Anyway once I got a reasonably priced Grid-Iron in my hands it was game on :) His vest is yet another Sgt. Stone vest (quite a handy vest) modified this time with the collar off the Desert Duke vest and the shoulder pads (an embellishment on my part) from the Pit Commando flak vest (which i initially cut up for my Airtight custom). With the proper vest in place, the rest of the custom was easy.

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