head - ROC Duke
arms, Torso - Outback
upper legs - ROC Zartan
lower legs - Beachhead
helmet - original Footloose
belt - 3 pack Ace

Here's another Joe I never thought I'd end up doing, to me he was just a cheap Footloose repaint. Anyway, thankfully his character was fleshed out more in the Devil's Due series..enough to motivate me to do a custom. Anyway I wanted him to be as different as possible to my Footloose custom, so I tried a different head. Again I went with Tatum Duke head...gave him more facial hair and so on and I think it turned out ok good enough for Claymore. Then I just wanted to do away with the giraffe camouflage to something a little bit more toned down. So here he is...my Claymore.

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