Head: 85' Snow Serpent. Torso, waist, legs: 87' Crazylegs. Arms: 87' Backstop.

File Name: Various
Primary Military Specialty: Artillery
Secondary Military Specialty: Engineering
Birthplace: Various

Artillery Vipers provide rear support for Cobra Viper infantrymen, and each Viper battalion has its own attachment of them. Though they are primarily artillery specialists, AVs (as they are called by most) are also skilled engineers, mathematicians, and tacticians. But what makes them most effective is their ability to coordinate: this is a skill that must be inherent in them, and finely honed, if they are to be selected for assignment to the AV ranks. Artillery Vipers are qualified experts with most military artillery systems.

From General Hawk's file: "The AVs play an important role in the Cobra battlefield scheme, and they play it well. It is not surprising that most serve as high level engineers when not in combat, for many of their strikes have given new meaning to the word pinpoint!"

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