Head: Undertow v1 (cast)
Torso: Wet Suit v1
Arms: Strato-Viper
Waist: Ripcord
Upper legs: Mercer v1
Lower legs: Lift Ticket

Helmet - Broken Arrow Toys
Chute pack - Ripcord

I had always wanted to make a Cobra parachute trooper. When Hasbro released its 25th Para-Viper, the onus was on me to make one in ARAH style.

I painted the whole thing with Citadel Royal Blue, which is a near perfect match to the classic Cobra Trooper blue.

While I don't plan to army build these, I plan to make at least another one!

Bio (courtesy Hasbro):
Cobra Para-Viper troopers are the deadliest, most highly trained commandos in the Cobra legions. They specialize in high-altitude, low-opening jumps to go behind enemy lines or infiltrate unsuspecting countries or targeted facilities to conquer, steal or cause generalized chaos. Cobra Para-Viper troopers are selected from the ranks of the Cobra Eel troopers and are chosen for their exceptional audacity, independent attitude and utter fearlessness. They are given a parachute, instructions and not much else; their purpose is to go in first and pave the way for the main assault force.

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