Head: Outback v1
Torso: Salvo
Arms: Salvo
Waist: Roadblock v2
Legs: Footloose v1

This figure is another member of my Desert Strike squad. I wanted to try and paint some camo patterns on my customs, and this specific desert pattern was something I tried (unsuccessfully) to replicate on 1:35 soldiers as a kid. I'm quite satisfied with the way it looks now!

I think Outback's head works wonders on a Rock n' Roll custom. Also I acknowledge the white t-shirt isn't the best color in the world (probably should have gone for another shade of tan/brown), but I like some of my customs to stand out.

Here's the bio (courtesy Hasbro):
Rock N' Roll was a surfer in Malibu prior to enlistment. He was also a weight lifter and played bass guitar in local rock bands. Is familiar with all NATO and Warsaw Pact light and heavy machine guns.

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