head - Deep Six
arms & upperbody - ROC Artic Snake Eyes
upper legs - Original Blizzard
lower legs - Snow Serpent
knee guards - SW comic pack Luke Skywalker

coat - modified ROC Artic Snake Eyes
helmet - original helmet modified
snow shoes - city strike Snake Eyes
gear - Original figure

I was waiting to get my hands on a ROC/POC Artic Duke before I attempted to take a crack at one of my favorite characters from the 88 line. Something about his unique looking helmet and skis that could be attached to his back and made into a sled that just made him stand out. Actually he was my favorite arctic trooper who never really got much attention (sorry Snow Job).

It turned out I had the perfect figure for a Blizzard custom already in my collection, ROC Arctic Snake Eyes w/c I prefer to call snow man snake eyes. ANyway, 2 things I'm particularly proud of of this custom. First the helmet, w/c is the original fitted with Snow Serpent's goggles and the nose piece glued on to the bottom. STill looks like the original just more realistic. Second was the backpack/sled. I originally just wanted to slice off the top of the Snake/eyes back pack and glue the original sled to it...but then that would mean it wouldn't be removable for Blizzard to sled around in. Turns out, after slicing off the original back pack peg, I was able to secure it on the back using 2 pegs sliced off the Snake Eyes hooks glued to the base of the backpack....as an added bonus, the loop meant for SNake's sword now perfectly holds his ice pick/hook ....PERFECT!

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