- Bazzoka head
- Ripcord dessert assault torso, helmet and arms.
- Ripcord racitive impac armor legs.
- custom dive pack and hand canon.
- torpedo fins
-paint job

I made this custom, because I really like the centurions cartoon, and it was very similar than the joe cartoon, so I thought I should do a crossover version on 25th kind. With this custom I close my little project of Centurions Reactive Team.

I started the job painting the body like the original Max Ray figure, then I customized the dive pack with a cobra claw flight pack, changed a few things and added the torso turbine fin. Then I customized a hand laser like the old version of the toy. Then I painted all parts to give them the dirty and shadow effects.
The last step was to cover the figure with a flat clear finish.

As a result of the job, I have a nice figure for my collection with great range of motion. Thanks for looking. Enjoy!!

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