Body: MARS trooper
Head: Shockblast v3 / MARS Trooper
- Rifle: Marauder Inc
- Machete: Desert-Viper
- Helmet: BBI
- Tac-Vest: GI Joe Pit Commando
- Goggles: Red Fang Ninja

A modern update honouring my ARAH Scout-Viper posted in 2003. An alternate head with a green balaclava more similar to my original is also shown.

File Name: Various
Primary Specialty: Light Infantry Reconnaissance
Secondary Specialty: Night Operations
Birthplace: Various
Grade: E3 and higher

The Scout Vipers are the Cobra Legions' elite dismounted recce troops. A sub-set of the Night-Vipers cross-trained as Range-Vipers, Scout-Vipers are among the fastest, fittest and most agile of Cobra's ground troops. They are compactly equipped with lightweight kit for minimal encumbrance and to maximise over-ground speed and endurance. Their night vision gear is of the latest generation and includes geo-locational recording, real-time video streaming and target designation capability. Scout-Vipers use silenced weapons but prefer not to be shooting at all. They really only fire them as a last resort or against low-risk targets of opportunity when their mission is not at risk of compromise. .

"If you're engaged by Scout-Vipers you can bet it's because they found you first and they have the upper hand. If you can shoot back, you had better take them out quickly, because chances are they're off right away to fetch their "friends" and you won't catch them before they do. In that sense, these guys are bad omens... If they've been around, you know Cobra's going to be bringing a world of hurt down on your head."

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