Head and Body: Cobra Bazooka Trooper
- Rifle, Beret: Marauder Inc
- Webbing: MARS Trooper

File Name: Various
Primary Specialty: Screen Operations
Secondary Specialty: Infantry Skirmisher
Birthplace: Various
Grade: E2 and higher

Traditionally, a Yeomanry is a military element raised from a respectable tier within society. This is moderately true within Cobra's legion, as seen with the Yeoman-Trooper class.

Cobra's Yeoman-Troopers are among the best trained troops in Cobra's regular infantry legion. As a more advanced class of trooper, effectively they are about equal to the standard Viper, with four main differences. 1) They are not equipped with the same high-tech gear; 2) They don't have to do the Viper advanced infantry course; 3) Consequently they don't have the same benefits; but 4) They aren't subject to the same discipline standards of the Viper corps. For many blueshirts, some of these are incentive enough to be 'just good enough' to be Yeomen.

Indeed, while Vipers look down on their less sophisticated blueshirt brothers, Yeoman Troopers pride themselves on their ability to get the job done with simpler equipment, grit and determination. Though small in number, by most accounts the latter do 'a Yeoman's Service' - an impressive job. Yeoman-Troopers are normally employed in roles associated with reconnaissance troops.

Cobra SCYTHE (Security & Counter-reconnaissance Yeoman Trooper - HEliborne) are infantry or 'light air cavalry' (heliborne) soldiers who, like their Yeoman forebears, are stationed ahead of or alongside a larger body of blueshirt legion troops. They are employed in the 'Screen' role, providing early warning, observing, identifying, and reporting enemy actions. Though a screen provides the least amount of protection of any security mission, generally a screening force engages and destroys enemy reconnaissance elements within its capabilities, but otherwise fights only in self-defence. In their secondary role they are employed as skirmishers either to harass enemy troops or to protect their own troops from similar attacks by the enemy. As both roles require increased battlefield mobility, the SCYTHE are lightly equipped and heliborne-capable, though not as fully trained in air assault operations as other airmobile Vipers.

Yeoman Troopers are accorded a different blue colour uniform given their more advanced status within the blueshirt legion. Camouflage signifies their reconnaissance/counter-reconnaissance role. SCYTHE wear a black beret honouring their 'air cavalry' and reconnaissance roles and they get better weapons.

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