Head- Deuce, from Danger Girl 7pk PVC set

Torso, Arms & Legs- Sgt Stone

Weapons & Gear- Various GI Joe ROC figures

Orland Jorwarski was born in Tallahassee Florida in 1947. 2 years after his farther Jarvis Jorwarski returned from the Pacific.

Jarvis served for 8 years as a Marine Corporal and received the Navy Cross for valor. Orland said of his father "He was as tough as nails and had a hard heart. He taught me that respect was just one punch away! It was better than a hug!" Proven when Orland recalled a heart warming memory of his dad.

When Orland was 11. He and his friend Jimmy found a bottle of Whiskey in his fathers shed. After polishing off the bottle they decided to take his dad's truck for a spin. Several hours latter the Sheriff brought Orland home. After he crashed the truck in to the back of the Sheriff's Squad car. What happened next was good old Southern justice.

The Sheriff confronted Jarvis and said "Does this belong to you?" Without saying a word Jarvis pushed the Sheriff out of the way. Walked up to his son and broke the empty whiskey bottle over Orland's head and said "If your gonna drink all my whiskey and take the truck out for a ride. The least ya can do is stop by the liquor store an pick me up another bottle! Now get to step'n an ya better double time it!" Orland left and Jarvis turned to the Sheriff and said "If he comes back with a bottle he's mine. If he comes back with a bottle for me and one for you he's a genius. If he comes back with one for me, one for you and one for himself he's a man!"

5 years and countless bottles of whiskey latter. Orland joined the Marines.

Currently Orland is a member of G.I. JOE
Specialty: (I.S.L.) Infantry Squad Leader
Primary Skill: (S.A.S) Small Arms Specialist
Secondary Skill: (H.H.C.) Hand to Hand Combat

Orland has been known to answer to: O.J., Warski, Ski, and of course Yo Jo!

Scarlet once asked him why he keeps turning down promotions to stay on the front line. He said "We're all gonna die some day. Ya never know when or where. With any luck it will be in the heat of battle. As for me? When my time comes! I ain't gonna be sit'n behind no desk and it sure as shit ain't gonna be for a lack a shoot'n back!

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