Head - Darklon
The rest - The best Snake Eyes sculpt ever.

The Horde,
The Horde, are a group of former Cobra genetics experiments that failed. They were then cast into a dark pit known as "The Hole" for disposal or re-engineering. One experiment in particular decided he and a batch of rejects were not going to accept being disposed of. His Name is Nocturnous, his genetic transformation was similar to Venomus Maximus and he is as strong as Big Boa, with the ruthless disposition of Serpentor. There are no limits to Nocturnous power, all that is known is, the angrier he gets, the stronger he gets.
The Horde's first objective is to destroy Dr. Mindbender and his "Dungeon of Doom", and then they plan to bring down Cobra Commander and seize control of Cobra and take over the world. They will lay waste to anyone that stands against them. Thier only weakness is that they have to periodically have gene treatments to maintain there genetic mutations and alterations. After Nocturnous and the first four rejects escaped " The Hole" they began to rescue other experimental rejects and other Cobra cast offs. Dr. Bindbender didn't care much about the early escapees figuring they would die soon any way with out treatment. But when he found his genetic fodder was dwindling he began to wonder just what he might have unleashed.
Abyss- Horde Assassin, formally a cave diver and explorer. Legend has it that he once got lost ten miles deep in an Amazon cave for three days and came out clear across the other side of the jungle. He is exceptionally gifted in deep core exploration and tunnel digging. He was once one of the top diggers for the Army Core of Engineers, later kidnapped by Cobra. Utilizing his keen eye and sense of direction, Dr. Mindbender tapped into his brain patterns to try and siphon his genetic nuero-patterns to create a new strain of Viper. Combining Arachnid DNA with these nuero-patterns Mindbender attempted to create "Spider Vipers". Once again the experiment failed and Abyss was tossed into "The Hole". One of the side effects was an unnatural ability to move in and out of the shadow unnoticed with the stealth of a spider. Another side affect was the ability to sustain himself the in the dark for extended periods of time. His strength also increased exponentially and developed a heighten desire for destruction. Nocturnous and Octagon rescued him from 'The Hole" (where coincidently he was happy, in the dark) and offered him an opportunity to kill at random or selected targets. This gave Abyss the chance to also be known as the most feared and unstoppable assassin in the world. As his legend grows he is referred to on Cobra Island as the demon of "The Hole" (AKA the Dark Heart of the Jungle). He is responsible for at least fifty or more Cobra disappearances in the deep jungle of Cobra Island. Not even the Night Creepers will venture into that part of the jungle and Cobra Commander has deemed that part of the island as forbidden.

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