Head- Custom cast Skull

Fire- 3 3/4" Marvel Human Torch

Torso, Arms & Legs- Mutt Williams

Gloves- 25th Cobra Trooper

Light up action- Small White LED & Watch Battery

Everyone knows who Ghost Rider is!

I just thought it would be cool to see a 3 3/4" version.

Especially one that lights up!

1st- I removed Mutt's head, hands and jacket.

2nd- I cut the neck off the Mutt and drilled down to the middle of the Torso. Then I cut open a dime sized square on the back of the figure. I used an exacto knife to trim any excess material in the neck area and back so the fire and battery would sit flush when placed in their positions.

3rd- I placed and glued fire in position. Then slid the LED down through the fire so wires came out the hole in the figures back. This left the LED in just about the same position the original ball joint for Mutt's head was in. I then filled in all the excess open area under the LED and around the fire with a clear glue.

4th- I drilled out the base of the skull so it would fit on the LED as if it was a ball joint. At this time I also painted the legs black to make them look like leather.

5th- I Placed battery between positive and negative wires of LED and tucked them in to hole on Mutt's back. Then put jacket back on reinstalled hands and popped skull on LED.

Now just squeeze and presto! A 3 3/4" Ghost Rider with "Light up action!"

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