Head & Cloak- 3 3/4" DC Green Arrow

Upper Torso & Arms- 25th Comic 2 pack Storm Shadow

Gloves- 25th Tiger Force Flint

Legs- 25th Green Shirt TRU Exclusive 5 pack

Bow- Robin Hood Prince Of Thieves Movie Toy Line

I was looking at the figures on the pegs in the store thinking "Would Green Arrows Cloak fit a 25th figure?"

So I decided to make a 25th style Green Arrow since I had plenty of extra Storm Shadows and Green Shirts laying around.

When I got it home and out of the package I noticed that it was too tight. That was when I realized that I would have to shave down the upper torso for it to fit.

The upper torso from the Storm Shadow had to be shaved down around the chest edges and upper back so the Cloak can be closed and glued shut at its original seam.

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