Head, Helmet, Left Hand & Uzi- 25th Mutt

Torso, Arms, Legs & Pistol- ROC Sgt Stone

Vest- ROC Breaker

Upper Holster- ROC Destro

Lower Holster- ROC Elite Viper

I think It's cool to have an updated uniform for a classic character.

I've seen a few customizers do this before. Their versions inspired me to make one for myself.

A simple parts swap custom. Hard part was getting the Left Hand to line up in a natural position.

Shave Sgt Stone's forearm like a peg. Drill out Mutt's Glove and slip the forearm in. This will make it look more like the Glove was pulled on.

Dry fit to make sure the hands will hang at a natural level. To get the right level between the hands just trim the tip of Sgt Stone's forearm back in small increments till the fingertips look level to your eye.

Before you glue in place make sure that the inner part of the Glove (laced side) is lined up with the inner part of the forearm. This will add to the realistic look of the Glove being pulled on.

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